Shark Season One

Friday, November 30, 2007

An arrogant big-shot defense attorney is guilt-ridden after the client he just helped get off commits another murder, so he decides to become a prosecutor. After a shocking outcome in one of his cases and a personal epiphany, Sebastian Stark decides to leave his job as a defense attorney. Now looking for a new job, he has been offered the position of director of the Los Angeles DA's high-profile crime unit, but with a twist - he will have to train a new team of inexperienced lawyers.

Stark prosecutes a drug dealer accused of killing an undercover police officer. However, the defense attorney in the case once worked for Stark's old law firm but was fired. Stark has a new case, the murder of an undercover narcotics detective by a drug dealer. He will have to deal with the murdered cop's partners, who are hesitant to trust or help him because he often used questionable means to win acquittals for his often-guilty clients when he was a defense attorney.
Dr. Feelbad

The office prosecutes a prominent doctor accused of killing his wife. However, the case rides on the testimony of his young son, who may be afraid to tell the truth and convict his dad. A heart surgeon is accused of murdering his missing wife. The fact that Stark doesn't have any proof, or even a body, doesn't stop him. He asks his team to find creative means to secure evidence from Dr. Mitchell Sterling's home and obtain testimony from his eight-year-old son, Ethan.

When the prosecutors' evidence in a murder trial is ruled inadmissible, they are forced to turn to the testimony of an unscrupulous private investigator--a man who has an uneasy past with Stark from his days as a defense attorney. A couple is shot to death in a Malibu beach house, which they rented from a private investigator who knows dirty secrets about almost everyone in Hollywood - including Stark. The PI is under investigation by a grand jury and Stark uses that threat to squeeze information from him. Back at home, Julie helps a guy on whom she has a crush research a term paper while she lets her own studies fall behind.
In the Grasp
A rape case against three star college football players is in jeopardy of falling apart when the victim admits that she had consensual sex with one of them on the same day as the incident. Stark prosecutes three college football players accused of raping a female student at a campus athletic house. One of the players is the team's starting quarterback and is considered a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The case takes a hit when Stark learns the victim was in a relationship with the quarterback. Back at home, Julie tells her dad she is being suspended from school because she's been accused of plagiarism.

Fashion Police

The office is told to go after a sweat shop owner after an electrical fire kills four people. But since Martin feels so strongly about the case, they instead go after the clothing manufacturer that hired him. Four Latino women are killed in a garment-factory fire and the police rule it an accident, but Martin leaks false information to the press to force the DA's office to investigate. Sebastian isn't happy about it and says the case can't be won, but he gets pumped up when he learns a rival is defending the fashion company his office is going after. The probe reveals the company supports sweatshops and may be liable for the fire. Also, Julie gets readmitted to school.
Déjà Vu All Over Again
Stark wants to try a suspect in a child murder for a similar murder from 15 years ago. He lost the original case as a defense attorney, and has always believed his original client was innocent. After an 8-year-old girl is kidnapped from a park and murdered, Stark believes this new case could be linked to a similar crime committed 15 years ago. In the former case, the main suspect had been defended by Stark himself and prosecuted by Jessica Devlin, and the man had been convicted of the murder. Meanwhile, a young man tells Julie he believes his late father and her mother had an affair while she was still married to Stark.

Love Triangle

The office prosecutes a white teenage girl for the hit-and-run death of an African American girl who was involved with her boyfriend. A 16-year-old black girl is run down by a car and killed just after she left a party. The school the victim went to is mostly attended by rich, white kids, including Stark's daughter, Julie. Stark fears a racial war could break out over the crime but when the investigation is completed, it reveals a totally different story.

Dial M for Monica

Stark prosecutes an expensive Hollywood madam for ordering a hit on one of her former prostitutes, and she responds by releasing a book of her clients which includes his name. An assistant district attorney is gunned down along with a high-priced hooker in the prostitute's car. The investigation reports the victim had wanted to prosecute narcotics cases and not domestic disputes, and she may have been working the call girl on targeting a drug dealer with whom she had a relationship. Meanwhile, Julie considers going to the next step with Eddie.

Sins of the Mother

An L.A. socialite goes on trial for killing an ex-con, and Stark's investigation reveals some shocking information about the woman's past and true identity. A married socialite, who is one of Jessica's best friends, fatally shoots her ex-con lover but claims it was in self-defense. Also, Sebastian gives Julie the silent treatment after she stays overnight with her boyfriend.

The Wrath of Khan

Stark and Devlin butt heads with the Feds over jurisdiction of an arms dealer's case, but with cops dead and hostages, Stark takes matters into his own hands. Stark goes after a millionaire arms broker who is supplying explosives to L.A. gangs that have caused three car bombings and nine fatalities over the past five months. Making things more difficult is the FBI, which wants to take over the case, but Stark won't allow it because Casey has been kidnapped and may be killed if the arms broker escapes the country.

Wayne's World

Shark goes up against a serial killer, but the conviction may not be as easy as he thinks and may put his daughter in danger. Sebastian's new case seems to be the easiest one he could get. He's prosecuting a suspected serial killer accused of murdering five women and seriously injuring a sixth who was lucky enough to escape from his house. But the victim is reluctant to testify when she learns that the killer will be interrogating her.

Teacher's Pet

Stark tries to get back on his feet after losing his first case as a prosecutor by going after a prep school art teacher who may have been having inappropriate relations with the son of a murder victim. Sebastian prosecutes the murder billionaire real estate developer who was making tabloid-headlines because of problems with his young second wife, Sonja. Both she and resentful 16-year-old son, Dylan, are the prime suspect of the case. Meanwhile, fearing for Julie's safety in the wake of his last case, Sebastian hires a bodyguard to shadow her whenever she leaves their home.

Starlet Fever
A teen actress is killed after another car runs hers off the road, and her agent/legal guardian becomes the prime murder suspect. When a popular 21-year-old actress is killed when her car is run off the road and crashes into a canyon below Mulholland Drive, an investigation reveals she and another Hollywood socialite had fought at a club before the crash. She also had ended a long-term and secret relationship with a man the same night. Meanwhile, Julie doesn't tell Sebastian about her attending a Hollywood party with Neal.

Here Comes the Judge

Stark takes on a Judge accused of murdering his wife, but he has an adversarial history with Stark and a secret to hide from the investigation. The wife of an ultraconservative judge known for giving harsh sentences, who had also tried to have Sebastian disbarred twice, is murdered in an apparent robbery attempt at LAX. The judge becomes Sebastian's prime suspect when he learns the judge's marriage had been in trouble and he had been anticipating confirmation to the Federal Court of Appeals. Meanwhile, Julie plans a fancy dinner to say goodbye to Neal when she discovers he will no longer be her bodyguard.

Blind Trust

Stark loyalties are tested when he gets caught up as accessory after the fact to a murder involving his best friend, and just to make things interesting there's blackmail to deal with. Meanwhile, Julie goes to extreme lengths to keep her arrest from her father. Sebastian discovers the body of a 25-year-old woman when he is called to a penthouse suite by a close friend. Sebastian hesitantly agrees when his friend asks him for help. He subsequently regrets assisting his friend when the woman's body is discovered in a ravine the next day. In the meantime, Julie tries to muster the courage to tell her father she has been arrested for drunk driving.


The DA's office investigates a police shooting involving a drug dealer. The case could potentially set off a racial powder keg, and Stark suspects a cover-up when the police officers involved keep changing their stories. After two cops are implicated in a controversial shooting that kills an upstanding black teen and also hurts his drug-dealing cousin, Sebastian is put in charge of the case. To find the answers to his questions, he must use an accusatory approach toward the two officers, but it doesn't take long for Isaac to disapprove of Stark's way of doing things

Trial by Fire

When Stark and Raina are taken hostage in the midst of a death-penalty trial, even his smoothest moves are countered by a criminal who seems to have more influence over the kidnapper than he does. While Stark and Raina are prosecuting a cold-blooded killer, a convicted armed robber from another case enters the courtroom and takes everyone hostage and hopes to reverse his conviction.

Porn Free

Stark has to prosecute the owner of a women's shelter accused of killing a unscrupulous, despicable porn producer. Based on the evidence, Stark works on the theory that the two men may have been in business together. Stark must prosecute the murder of a predatory porn producer. The case is complicated by the fact the killer is the head of a women's shelter who is being regarded as a hero by the media and the population of the city.

Fall from Grace

Stark goes up against an old protégée when he prosecutes two mob-types for the murder of a university professor, and she seems to have the inside scoop when it comes to the goings-on in the DA's office. In his new case, Stark goes up against one of his former legal protégés. He must prosecute the murder of a young professor who was pushed from the balcony of his wife's boyfriend's apartment.

Strange Bedfellows

Stark goes after a single man who may have abducted a young boy who has been living with him for several years. But the boy doesn't want to be back with his parents, and there may be signs of abuse. With the discovery of an 11-year-old boy who went missing four years ago comes one of the most confusing case for Stark. During those four years, the young boy was living with his kidnapper and was identifying himself as his son. Sebastian must disprove the kidnapper's claim that he was in fact protecting the boy from abusive parents.

Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark

Stark gets a second opportunity to prosecute Wayne Callison for murder, but his stubborn determination to get a conviction no matter what gets him forcibly removed from the case. An old friend of Stark is back. But this time, Stark gets a second chance at justice when he puts Wayne Callison on trial for another murder. Because of the exact same wounds as the previous victim, Callison is accused of murdering another young woman.

Shark Season Two

Gangster Movies
When Stark's witness is murdered by the bombing of the prison bus, Jessica Devlin agrees to help and recruits Deputy District Attorney Danny Reyes from the Organized Crime Unit to assist in the investigation. Jessica comes out of temporary retirement to help Stark prosecute a Russian mobster connected to an explosion that killed the prosecution's key witness in a double murder trial.
For Whom The Skel Rolls
Isaac's life goes under scrutiny after the closed case of his fiancée's murder is re-opened and Sebastian's team will be conducting the investigation for the DA's office. The relationship between Raina and Isaac gets more complicated because Raina cannot reveal she is working on this case. A criminal's admission forces the team to re-investigate a case involving the murder of Isaac's ex-fiancée. The new suspect is an actor who spent time in the rehab center where she worked.

Eye Of The Beholder

After the body of a 22-year-old surgically enhanced aspiring actress turns up, the team begins working on identifying and convicting the killer. But the investigation leads to the discovery of one of the worst kind of exploitation there is in this industry: Sebastian's team uncovers that the victim's plastic surgeon was exchanging sex for surgery with her. A professional photographer is charged with murdering a young model, but Reyes makes a mistake questioning a witness that could cost the prosecution greatly in the trial.
Dr. Laura
Jessica finds herself in trouble when her friend, Medical Examiner Laura Fields, is caught tampering with evidence in their murder case. When confronted in court, she accuses Jessica of having pressured her into giving false testimony and arranging the evidence to gain a conviction when Jessica was the D.A. Stark prosecutes a corrupt medical examiner who is accused of killing an investigative journalist. The defense responds by pointing the finger at former District Attorney Jessica Devlin.
Student Body
The search for the bomber on a school campus and the killer of a co-ed leads to a young chemical engineering student who has been sending incriminating letters about exacting revenge on his condescending peers. When the case is ready to go to trial, Danny is seduced by the student, who claims innocence, and he convinces Sebastian to let him search for another suspect. The office charges a wealthy businessman's son with murder, after he is accused of making a bomb that killed a student in a chemistry lab.

No Holds Barred

After a popular ultimate fighter commits suicide, an investigation reveals he had been the third fighter in the league to commit suicide and the league CEO had been pushing steroids on the players. Following the results of the investigation, Sebastian charges the CEO with murder. An ultimate fighting league champion is dead, and suspects in his death include one of his fellow fighters, and the commissioner of the league.
In Absentia
Sebastian and Danny travel to Mexico to attempt to retrieve a defendant who left the country to avoid being prosecuted for murdering his business partner/mistress. When a man charged with murder escapes to Mexico before his trial, Stark flies down to Mexico and gets the help of an old friend to bring him back.
In the Crosshairs
The mayor places undue pressure on Sebastian and his team to identify, locate, and convict a serial freeway sniper who is causing city-wide panic in Los Angeles. The prosecution of an accused freeway sniper hits a snag when another shooting takes place during the trial.

Burning Sensation

Sebastian's team learns the victim of a serial arsonist had been murdered and dumped at the site of a fire. Starks learns that a victim in a house fire was actually murdered before the fire. A Los Angeles firefighter is the prime suspect, but his fellow firefighters try to protect him from prosecution. Jessica feels responsible when a woman is killed shortly after the retrial of her stalker is lost.
Shaun of the Dead
Stark has difficulty investigating the murder of a groupie when the singer and his group not only peddle their stories to the tabloids, but actively work against finding the truth.

Trivia For Shark

• During the first meeting between Stark and Russo, there is a scene with a bus passing the D.A.'s office. On this bus is a sign that reads "Studio 60" and can be seen if it is freeze-framed
• The crash expert on the stand also shows his lack of credibility by saying "ninety-nine point thirty-seven" no engineer, physicist, or mathematician would say it that way. All decimals are spoken point by point so a true expert would say "point three seven".

• Text Message on PDA Phone at Beginning of Episode: Alert 6:33 pm. New Text Message from D.A. Office (M). Double homicide Mulholland overlook. Arrive ASAP.

• The watch Stark is wearing in the opening scene is a Chronoswiss Klassik Chronograph.
• When Stark dismissed the jury during the arrest of Judge Bennett, his pose with arms upright in the shape of a "V" was an homage to Richard Nixon.
• When Stark's team is explaining the oil residue, the
right-top corner of the laptop screen says "Mute" in bright green letters, but strangely enough, the application makes sound.

• After Tim Matheson, Gary Cole is the second actor that played a Vice President in The West Wing to appear on Shark. Matheson played Vice President John Hoynes, Cole played Vice President Bob Russell. Curiously, they showed up in consecutive episodes (Tim Matheson guest-starred last week), they both played figures from Stark's past, and they were both implicated in a murder case.
• Right before Masters shoots the surveillance camera, he speaks directly to the authorities, saying, "If we're not on that copter in 29 minutes, everyone dies." There is even a reaction from Jessica Devlin as if she heard it. The camera is video-only and there is no open phone line in the courtroom. There is no way those words could have been heard.

• This episode reveals that Sam Page's character of Casey Woodland has left the DA's office to work on his father's political campaign.

• Stark's unit is supposed to handle high-profile cases only, and yet the crime in this episode was committed by what he called a "two-bit burglar." There was no explanation of why he was trying the case.

• It is revealed that Madeleine Poe has a brown belt in aikido.

• When Raina asks Stark to look at the Geneva Conventions for torture, she should have known that the Geneva Conventions only cover the treatment of non-combatants and prisoners of war during war times. Laws about torture in the United States are under the federal government's jurisdiction.
• Shark was in jeopardy of getting canceled before it even started, but James Woods gave the legal drama new life once he signed on to star in the pilot. Woods has spent most of his career focusing on feature films, not television.

• Shark is slightly inaccurate in implying that the Los Angeles County District Attorney is controlled by the City of Los Angeles. The District Attorney is actually an independently elected official of the county government. If anyone could pressure the D.A. to hire a former criminal defense attorney like Sebastian Stark, it would be the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who control the county budget. The City of Los Angeles does have a City Attorney, but that official prosecutes only misdemeanors and files a variety of civil lawsuits against criminals, rather than the high-stakes felony prosecutions depicted in the show.

• Stark has three rules, which he refers to as his "Cutthroat Manifesto:" * "Trial is War. Second place is death." * "Truth is relative. Pick one that works." * "In a jury trial, there are only twelve opinions that matter and yours [speaking to his team] is not one of them."

Quotes Of Shark

Sebastian Stark: You look really hot in that suit.
Jessica Devlin: Dream on.
Sebastian Stark: I will.
Sebastian Stark: The only time you can be with a man in a hotel room alone is if you're married or I'm dead or both.
Client: Go to hell.
Sebastian Stark: I have a condo there.
Raina Troy: When do these people sleep?
Sebastian Stark: During the day. They're vampires.
Client: I'm going to make your life a living hell.
Sebastian Stark: No thanks. I've already been married.
Casey Woodland: I didn't know that.
Sebastian Stark: You should have that put on a t-shirt.
Sebastian Stark: When I want your opinion, I'll stop ice skating in hell and ask for it!

Sebastian Stark: [a mock trial, Sebastian is proving to the team that a witness can lose composure on the stand] Ms. Troy, how old are you?
Raina Troy: Twenty-six.
Sebastian Stark: How many men have you had sex with?
Raina Troy: What?
Sebastian Stark: Your Honor?
Margaret: Witness will answer.
Raina Troy: I have no idea.
Sebastian Stark: Ten? Twenty? Am I getting warm?
Raina Troy: Maybe you keep a running tally, but I don't.
Sebastian Stark: Have you ever contracted a veneral disease?
Sebastian Stark: [pause] Have... you... ever... contracted... a... veneral... dis... EASE?
Raina Troy: ONCE! In college.
Sebastian Stark: So you ENJOY unprotected sex?
Raina Troy: I was twenty-one!
Sebastian Stark: Do you also enjoy bondages? S & M? Is that a crucifix around your neck?
Raina Troy: Don't go there.
Sebastian Stark: Do you practice the teachings of your church?
Raina Troy: YES!
Sebastian Stark: How do you reconcile those teachings with your WANTON PROMISCUITY?
Raina Troy: You don't know a THING about me! Now you may live in a fancy penthouse but you are still an ambulance chasing son of a bitch!
Sebastian Stark: [pause] No further questions, and you may step down.
Sebastian Stark: [Casey has just told Sebastian that a suspect judge is... ] GAY?
[Casey nods]
Sebastian Stark: I could kiss you so hard on the mouth right now...
Casey Woodland: Rain... check.

Heroes Season One

Thursday, November 29, 2007

In Manhattan, Peter Petrelli is the younger brother of the candidate to the congress Nathan Petrelli, and he dreams and believes that he can fly. He decides to prove his theory and jumps from the roof of a building in an alley and his brother flies and saves him. In Texas, the cheerleader Claire Bennet is indestructible and can not harm herself or die. She saves a fireman in a fire in a train. In Tokyo, Hiro Nakamura believes he can control time and space continuum. In India, Mohinder Suresh moves to the Brooklyn, New York, when his father that was researching a secret project called Genesis about genome and DNA is killed in his cab. In Lower Manhattan, the painter Isaac Mendez paints pictures of the future. In Las Vegas, the striper Niki Sanders borrows US$ 30.000,00 from a powerful local mobster and does not have the money to pay her loan. She sees a different image of her in the mirror, and when two gangsters come to her house to collect the money, one of them hits her and she faints. In this episode, we are introduced to Peter Petrelli, a young man who dreams of flying, and his brother Nathan, a ruthless politician who thinks that Peter is dreaming his life away. Meanwhile, ordinary people from all around the world are starting to suspect that they have abilities beyond those of normal humans. Artist Isaac Mendez believes that he is painting the future, high school cheerleader Claire Bennet is suddenly able to recover from any wound almost instantly, Japanese businessman Hiro Nakamura tries to convince a friend that he can bend space and time, and single mother Niki Sanders starts seeing strange things in mirrors. Upon learning of his father's death, genetics Professor Mohinder Suresh begins to look into his research for a clue to why he was killed. When he follows his father's trail to New York City, however, Mohinder learns that someone else is on the trail of the same research. Someone who may kill to protect the secrets of the next step in human evolution.
Don't Look Back
When Nikki wakes up, she sees the two criminals dead in her garage. She brings her son and finds a brand new Cadillac in her name and the bodies in the trunk, with instructions and a map to bury the corpses in the desert. Peter awakes in the hospital and his mother tells him that his father was depressed and committed suicide. When Peter decides to jump from the terrace of his building, his brother Nathan discloses that both can fly. Hiro is teleported to the Times Square and finds a comic book written by Isaac Mendez telling his saga. He goes to Isaac studio, finds him dead and is arrested by the police. A man pretending to be an exterminator bugs Mohinder's apartment, but he fights with the guy and is helped by his next door neighbor. In Los Angeles, the Police Officer Matt Parkman telepathically hears the voice of a child in a murder scene and is arrested as a suspect. Claire hides her heroic rescue in the fire and her evil stepfather discloses her abilities in her stolen tape.

One Giant Leap

Hiro gets back to Japan and using Issac's comic book he persuades Ando to help him save the world. They go back to the US. Nathan says officially that his brother is crazy and it upsets Pete, who is struggling to fly again. Claire gets killed and wakes up during the autopsy and Matt sees a mysterious man while helping to investigate the murders from last episode. Meanwhile, Mohinder discovers a strange apartment and Niki drives her son to his grandmother where we learn that Niki's husband is wanted for murder.
Hiro and Ando arrive to Vegas, where they gamble and win thanks to Hiro's powers. Niki is also taken to Las Vegas, where the mob boss she owes money to wants her to pay. Mohinder meets with Pete, who in the meanwhile, is starting to think that his power is absorbing powers of other people. Claire, after escaping the autopsy room, takes a dark turn in dealing with the quarterback who tried to rape her. Nathan is going to Las Vegas too, and he is seduced by Niki, who is ordered to sleep with him by the mob boss, so he can blackmail Nathan with inappropriate photos. In the end, a message comes from a dark and evil future.
Niki is questioned by police about her fugitive husband's whereabouts; Matt's relationship with his wife, Janice (Lisa Lackey), benefits from his mind-reading abilities; Claire divulges her secret to her father (Jack Coleman); Hiro has a violent run-in with Las Vegas high rollers; Peter receives a life-changing message; and Mohinder contemplates leaving New York---and his father's research---behind. Matt uses his abilities to help his marriage. Niki, distraught over another blackout, arrives home to learn that her husband, D.L., has escaped from prison. Claire tells her father about some of the things she's been through lately. Down and out in Vegas, Hiro finally connects with another hero. Peter must figure out what to do with the mysterious message.
Better Halves
Hiro and his buddy embark on their heroic journey to New York, when they are stopped by a Vegas high-roller who offers them a deal they can't refuse. As H.R.G sets up a meeting for his daughter Claire with her biological parents, she hopes that questions about her newfound indestructibility can be answered. Meanwhile, Isaac receives another confusing call from Hiro, but Peter is there this time to pick up the phone and relay a life-saving message. Suresh bids farewell to Eden as he heads back to India to bury his father. An unexpected visitor shows up at Niki's home.
Nothing to Hide
Lyle Bennett learns of his sister Claire's secret after watching her video of her trying to kill herself.Hiro Nakamura helps D.L. Hawkins save a woman from a burning car by freezing time. Isaac Mendez has gone M.I.A. with his painting.
Seven Minutes to Midnight
Back in India Mohinder has weird dreams about his parents. Audrey and Matt talk to Ted. While mourning for his father in India, Suresh must determine how to proceed after experiencing strange dreams of the past. Niki begins to understand herself. As Hiro and Ando continue their trek to New York, they meet up with an interesting person while stopping at a diner. Matt and Audrey follow a lead regarding the mysterious Sylar, but it leads to something unexpected. Claire focuses on getting ready for homecoming with the hopes of returning to a normal life. Meanwhile her father is occupied with another hero, and urgently requests his help.


As Homecoming approaches in Odessa, Claire's father makes an effort to save Claire's life. Peter, having tried to contact Hiro, flies to Texas in his effort to save the cheerleader. Hiro decided to head back in time in an effort to save the waitress, and Suresh can't get a dream out of his head and feels it has some answers about him and his father. Events in this episode take place on the day of Claire's Homecoming game. Claire's father is growing desperate to stop the villain who is coming after Claire. Nathan gets the painting from Linderman, and is horrified by what it depicts. Mohinder's dreams hold secrets about his father. Ando waits for Hiro who still has not returned from the past. Peter must try to save the cheerleader and also himself.
Six Months Ago
Claire Bennett is at home reading when the cheer leading captain walk in with a uniform and informs Claire that another cheerleader dropped out and the spot is hers if she wants it. Hiro Nakamura has traveled back in time to the Texas diner but realize he can't after she tells him she has a terminal disease. Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli are preparing to take down their dad D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders are newly weds. Chandra Suresh has come to America to find and contact the people he thinks have taken an evolutionarily step. Sylar is the first but doesn't appear to have extraordinarily powers but then has the power to move things with his mind after he invites and kill another person on Chandra's list and then goes back to Chandra
The question on everyone's mind regarding the cheerleader is that, since she's still alive, does the bomb still go off? This is especially true for Hiro, who meets with Isaac to discuss their next course of action. Having confessed her abilities to her father, Claire seeks other answers that her friends and family can not give. Having captured Sylar, Claire's father keeps him in a room of total darkness, totally unaware of Sylar's true strength.
Nathan stops at nothing when it comes to getting some kind of help for his unconscious brother. Hiro goes on a hunt for the sword he's seen in Isaac's paintings. Nikki tries to convince the police of her need for help in dealing with her split personality. Matt reveals his abilities to his wife. HRG confers with Mohinder. Now that she knows the truth, Claire tries to make sense of her life. Hiro seeks the sword that he is destined to own. Niki must face the consequences of her decision to turn herself in to the police. Simone and Nathan are worried about Peter, who has been in a coma for two weeks. Peter meets a new hero. Micah visits his mother.
The Fix
Peter Petrelli learns the man in his dream is one of them and has the power to stay invisible. Niki Sanders is given a shot to sedate her. Hiro is determined to find the Samurai Sword. Nathan Petrelli goes to Mohinder Suresh to see if he can help Peter control his power. Zach goes to help Claire Bennet hack her father's computer in order to learn about her real mom and dad, but he and Claire are forced to lie about why he is there when Mr. Bennet comes home from work early. When Hiro Nakamura and Ando go to pick up the car, they are taken hostage. A psychiatrist visits Niki in prison to get her to confront her "multiple personality disorder". D.L. tells his son, Micah, that he is having money problems. The Haitian tells Claire that, according to Mr. Bennet, her biological mother died in an explosion. Zach shows Claire the paper about hers and her mom's apparent death. The kidnappers tell Hiro they want Ando and him to go back to Japan and stop their mission immediately. The Invisible Man comes to help Peter hide from Nathan and Mohinder when they come to his apartment. D.L. sneaks into the prison and tries to convince Niki to escape. Micah uses his power to withdraw $10,000 from an ATM. Claire calls someone she thinks to be her dead mother's sister, but is surprised to find out it is her real mom. Mr. Bennet goes to the secret lab to get Sylar's dead body ready for shipping but finds the doctor dead and Sylar standing waiting for him.
Claire finds it increasingly difficult to keep lying to her father, all the while knowing exactly what has happened all around her, while she makes plans to visit her biological mother. Nikki's husband makes a deal for her release. Hiro's father wants him to return to Japan, and he scrambles to find a way to stay his own course, searching for the sword. Peter convinces Claude to help him understand his own powers, including Claude's invisibility.


While the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed, her adoptive mother faces a crisis. Matt takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked attorney, which puts him in the cross hairs of Linderman's new assassin. Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword, but get sidetracked by a damsel in distress. Suresh finds someone on the list and unknowingly puts himself in grave danger. Meanwhile, Simone turns to some unlikely help in her and Nathan's struggle to find Peter.
Peter painfully learns that someone close may have betrayed him and Claude. Matt's world spirals out of control when radioactive man Ted Sprague and Hana Gitelman, a fierce young woman with "wireless" mental abilities, drop into his life. After blood is spilled, Hiro makes a difficult decision about his mission. Claire is unable to contain her anger at her father.
Company Man
H.R.G.'s past catches up to him as Matt and Ted Sprague, come to Texas looking for answers, and take him, his wife, son and Claire hostage -- leading to a tragic, explosive showdown. Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague arrive in Texas in search of answers and take HRG and his family hostage. More is revealed about Mr. Bennet, the agency for which he works, and how he found Claire.
With the election and NYC's destruction looming, Nathan has a disturbing face-to-face meeting with the shadowy Linderman. Hiro's attempt to steal the sword steers him into a grim new direction. Suresh makes a breakthrough on "the list" -- at great cost. D.L. begins to suspect all is not well at home. Isaac paints his most terrible painting yet. New "hero" Candice Wilmer makes an illusive debut. As the election and destruction of New York approach, Nathan meets up with Linderman. Hiro attempts to steal the sword heading him in a new path. Suresh and Sylar make progress with the list at great cost. D.L. begins to suspect problems at home. Isaac paints an even more terrible painting. A new hero, Candice Wilmer, appears.
After "helping" Suresh search for more people with special abilities, Sylar's rampage continues with two "heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer. Nathan must factor what he's learned from Linderman into difficult decisions that will shape the future -- for him, his family, New York City and the world. As Thompson uses every tool at his disposal to find Claire, Linderman drafts Jessica into his far-reaching plans. Meanwhile, Hiro's resolve to "save the world" strengthens in the face of a grim reality.
Five Years Gone
This episode takes us five years into the future with Hiro and Ando. We meet a brunette Claire Bennet, a "very different" Matt Parkman, and a Niki/Jessica that have combined into one individual. Hiro and Ando find themselves five years after the destruction of New York City. People with extraordinary abilities are labeled as terrorists and are being registered, hunted, and killed. Hiro and Ando meet up with darker versions of the other heroes in preparation for a showdown with the President. This includes a darker side of Matt, a Jessica/Niki with a clear winner in their battle, a brown-haired Claire, and a man named Andy, who's a big hearted Texan. It also features an event at an upscale gentleman's club.

The Hard Part

Hiro and Ando return from the future, and start looking for Mr. Isaac. Bennet, Parkman and Sprague are on their way to New York. Peter tries to convince Claire not to go to Paris, but this gets much harder when she sees Thompson with Nathan. Jessica and D.L. discover some of the stuff that Linderman wants from them and Micah. Sylar questions his path when he realizes what he is predestined to do and reunites with his mother to seek validation. Hiro and Ando follow him, and Hiro's resolve is tested when he realizes the enormity of killing another human being. Meanwhile, Angela Petrelli tries to convince Nathan to go along with Linderman's plan. And Peter tries to prove to Claire that they are both destined to save New York. Also there is a new hero who is supposed to be holding the key to stopping Sylar.
Peter feels the need to control his newly absorbed power, as he overhears Sylar's thoughts on the streets of New York. Mohinder finds another hero and agrees to help find a cure for her fatal disease, as Parkman and Bennet close in on the building they are in, looking for a link that could set them free. Nikki/Jessica and DL are convinced that Linderman is behind their son's disappearance, as Linderman convinces their son to do a job for him.
How to Stop an Exploding Man
Can Sylar be stopped? Will Linderman's vision live on with Nathan? What will it take for Peter to save the world, what sacrifices will be made? With all the horrible predictions unfolding before them the heroes face moments of pain and peril in Kirby Plaza. Can Sylar be stopped? Will Linderman's vision live on with Nathan? What will it take for Peter to save the world, what sacrifices will be made? With all the horrible predictions unfolding before them the heroes face moments of pain and peril in Kirby Plaza.

Heroes Seaon Two

Four Months Later...
Four months after the events of Peter's explosion, we find the heroes at different places in their lives. Claire, HRG and family try to stay below the radar in their new town, but a classmate of Claire's with some powers of his own knows there's something different about her. Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh are now guardians of Molly Parker, who has been suffering from horrible nightmares about the man who is more evil than Sylar. Mohinder and HRG are still trying to take the company down. Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli receive ominous notices of their impending deaths, clearly sent by one of "the elders". Nathan has pushed his family away and is in a very dark place, feeling that Peter has survived and is alive somewhere. In Ireland, we find Peter Petrelli is alive, but doesn't remember who he is. Maya and Alejandro, two new characters, are wanted for murder due to her accidentally killing multiple people because of her ability to host a plague.
At the behest of his new employers, Dr. Suresh travels to Haiti to treat a potential virus victim. The patient turns out to be a familiar face. Claire's secret may be out when a fellow student sees her regenerate a limb; that student may have his own secret however. Matt Parkman investigates a murder that affects one one of the Heroes. In 17th century Japan, Hiro is doing his best to ensure that Takezo Sensei lives up to his reputation. He has to take things into his own hands however. In Ireland, Peter Petrelli finds himself with no memory but re-discovering some of his many powers. Maya and her brother reach the Guatemala-Mexico border in their quest to travel to the USA.


Now back from Haiti, Dr. Suresh finds that his new lab in New York is Isaac Mendez's old loft. He finds the 8th of Isaac's paintings but it holds bad news for a major character. Claire is concerned that her classmate will reveal her secret but he reveals a secret of his own. Peter Petrelli assists his newfound friends and begins to question whether he wants to know his identity and his past. Still in 17th century Japan, Hiro forces the issue with Takezo Kensei in order to ensure that he lives up to his legendary status. Niki Sanders travels to New Orleans to leave Micah with a relative. Maya and her brother reach Mexico, but she has to get him out of jail.
The Kindness of Strangers
Micah warms his way into his cousin's heart by using his powers. Matt gets closer to finding some answers surrounding the mysterious mark on Hiro's father's photo and asks Molly to help him. Nathan's mother confesses to killing Hiro's father, and Claire grows closer to the classmate who can fly.
Fight or Flight
Afraid of losing the love he thinks he's found, Peter denies his past and doesn't look in the box while an unknown woman tries to track him down. Parkman and Nathan are led to Philadelphia to track down Matt's father, unknowingly being led into a trap where Nathan stumbles into the city that blew up after all. Mohindar takes Molly to the Company in search of help for her, just as Nikki shows up, while another hero begins to discover her powers in Texas.
The Line
Having lied to her father about joining the cheerleaders, Claire decides the time has come to teach the team captain a lesson when she is told that she didn't make the squad. Having convinced Monica to come to New York, Dr. Suresh isn't at all comfortable when the Company asks him use her as a guinea pig for a variant of the vaccine. The Company backs down but he learns that Niki Sanders has been assigned to work with him. Alejandro and Maya make it to the US border only to be stopped by a citizens border patrol unit. Having painted a Menendez-like painting, Peter Petrelli heads for Montreal to see if they can get some clues as to who Peter really is. Hiro may ruin the time-line when he gives in to temptation and kisses Yaeko only to learn that Takezo Kensei was watching them. HRG man and the Haitian visit an old colleague from the Company in an attempt to locate Isaac Menendez's last paintings. They show that they are more than ready to use violence to get what they want.

Out of Time

Peter Petrelli finds himself in a future New York City where a virus has devastated the world's population. As he gradually regains him memory, he recognizes his mother who urges him to use his Hiro-like powers to go back in time and stop the virus before it begins. Claire and West's relationship reaches a crisis point when West realizes that her father is the same man who once kidnapped him. Suresh's loyalty to HRG man is starting to wear thin and he finally admits what he has been up to. Nathan learns that brother Peter is alive. Matt Parkman finally confronts his father in an attempt to release Molly from her coma-like state. Having fallen out completely with Takezo Kensei, Hiro attacks White Beard's camp. A new character with a familiar face, Adam Monroe, is revealed as one of the founders of the company.
Four Months Ago...
In flashbacks, we learn what happened to the heroes in the four months after the events at Kirby Plaza. Maja learns of her deadly powers at her brother Ernesto's wedding. Niki starts a Company-sponsored drug program but stops taking the medication only to realize that another hidden personality has emerged. Imprisoned by the Company, Peter Petrelli meets the now familiar Adam Monroe and we learn how he ended up in the shipping container destined for Ireland.

Cautionary Tales

Hiro learns of his father's death and travels back in time to save him only to realize that he must let events unfolds as fate intended. He does however recognize his father's killer. Matt Parkman realizes that he has the ability to implant thoughts in other people's minds. He wants to know the identity of the woman in the photo with his father. When Bob and Suresh kidnap Claire Bennet, HRG and West set out to rescue her but get their own bargaining chip beforehand.
Truth & Consequences
After tracking down the woman in the company photo, Peter travels to Primatech in Texas to destroy the virus, but not everything is what it seems. Hiro continues the pursuit of his father's killer. Niki is reunited with Micah, and Claire deals with the aftermath of her father's death. Finally, Maya has to choose to remain with Alejandro, or go with Sylar.


In Texas, Peter faces off against former friends due to Adam’s misleading story about the Shanti virus. Micah enlists the help of his mother to rescue Monica. Maya is shocked when she learns the truth about her new friend Sylar. Elle tries extremely hard to please her father, Bob.

Trivia For Heroes

• Artist Tim Sale provides the artwork for Isaac's paintings. He is best known for his work on DC Comics' popular "Batman: The Long Halloween" series, which was used as an inspiration for Batman Begins (2005).
• Artist Tim Sale is colorblind.
• James Kyson Lee originally auditioned for Hiro (Masi Oka's character), but instead got the role of Ando.
• The Bennets' address is 9 Juniper Lane.
• Adrian Pasdar, who plays Milo Ventimiglia's brother, auditioned to play his father in the proposed "Gilmore Girls" (2000) spin off. The casting director at the time made the comment that Adrian could pass for Milo's brother because of their strong resemblance
• Milo Ventimiglia was one of the few actors considered for "Smallville" (2001)'s Clark Kent. The part, however, was given to Tom Welling.

• The license plate on Kaito Nakamura's car is NCC-1701. George Takei, who plays Kaito, was Mr. Sulu in the original incarnation of "Star Trek" (1966) and NCC-1701 is the registry number of the USS Enterprise.
• The premiere episode on NBC attracted 14.3 million viewers overall and received the highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years.
• The casino that Hiro, Ando, Niki and Nathan visit in the early episodes of season one is the Montecito, the fictional casino featured in the NBC TV series "Las Vegas" (2003). The scene where Hiro and Ando are seen coming down an escalator, having used betting profits from the casino to suit up, pays a very strong homage to a similar scene in the movie Rain Man (1988).
• The type of watch Hiro has is "the Connect" made by Nixon Watches.
• Tawny Cypress (Simone) originally auditioned for the role of Ali Larter's character (Niki).
• Greg Grunberg (Matt) originally auditioned for the part of Peter Petrelli.
• It was originally intended for Claire's friend Zach eventually to be revealed as gay, and to have his coming out serve as a parallel to Claire's coming to terms with her secret abilities. However, when the manager for Thomas Dekker (the actor who played Zach) discovered that this development was in store for the character, she first insisted that a line identifying Zach as gay be deleted from a script, and then pulled Dekker from the show altogether. Heroes producer and writer Bryan Fuller gave an interview in April 2007 in which he explained that Dekker "was up for the John Connor role in _"Sarah Connor Chronicles, The" (2007)_ and [the manager] didn't want him playing a gay character because it might affect FOX's interest in hiring him. It got really ugly." Fuller also said that through Zach's last appearances on the show, "in all of our minds, the character was still gay but we couldn't say it explicitly."

• Mr. Bennett's business card has no name, no phone number, and no other contact information. All it says is "". If you go to the URL, you'll find a rudimentary website for the Primatech Paper company, including a brief company history, a phone number (1-800-PRIMA-16), and an online job application, complete with personality test.
• In the German dubbed version the passages where a foreign language is spoken (i.e. Hiro and Ando speaking Japanese, Maya and Alejandro speaking Spanish) were not subtitled (as in the original version) but instead dubbed, too.
• "Kirby Plaza Building" is a tribute to the famous comic book artist, Jack Kirby.
• James Kyson Lee cannot speak a word of Japanese. He has to be taught it phonetically.
• According to Heroes' creator, Tim Kring, Mr. Bennett has a distinct pair of glasses due to the fact he had very few lines in the beginning of the series, and needed to be recognizable by the audience. Also, Kring said the horn-rimmed glasses were chosen because they had a distinct "early days of the CIA" look.

Quotes Of Heroes

Isaac Mendez: I don't want to lose you. But if you don't believe in me you shouldn't be here.
Simone Deveraux: Fine. You think you can paint the future, paint one without me in it.

Mohinder Suresh: My father spent his life chasing after this insanity. Now I'm wasting mine trying to prove he was sane.

Hiro Nakamura: My only concern is should I hide my true identity? A costume maybe?
Ando Masahashi: You start talking about capes and tights and I'm out of here.

Niki Sanders: Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm not sure it's me looking back.

Claire Bennet: I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.

Micah Sanders: Why don't you believe Dad's innocent? You should be helping him.
Niki Sanders: I know you want to believe in your father... But one day they're going to catch him and send him away for a long time.
Micah Sanders: They'll never find him.
Niki Sanders: Do you know where he is?

Hiro Nakamura: Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Claire Bennet: [to HRG] Someone has to protect this family... from you.

Hiro Nakamura: Yatta!

Hiro Nakamura: That's fighting dirty.
Takezo Kensei: That's fighting smart sir. Don't get me wrong I give him a fair wage... if he lives.

Peter Petrelli: [Peter sees a man in the hallway, in the past few episodes, he was Kensei] Who are you?
Adam: Don't you remember me Peter? I'm Adam.

Nip/Tuck Season One

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pilot - McNamara/Troy
Old friends Sean and Christian are partners in a plastic surgery office. Their relationship is under fire after Christian operates on a Colombian drug lord who pays him in drug money. Sean's family life is also in upheaval, and he is headed for a mid-life crisis.
Twin sisters want plastic surgery done to look different from each other. Meanwhile, Sean moves out so he can experience life as a single man. Matt decides to try and perform a circumcision on himself after his girlfriend sees his penis. Also, Christian is plagued with romantic thoughts of Julia.
Nanette Babcock
Sean and Julia discover Matt has tried to circumcise himself and try to stage an intervention to his personal situation. The business is sued by a faithful client, the plastic surgery-addict Ms. Gruber, after Sean accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside of her body. Meanwhile, Christian and Grace struggle with a mentally unstable patient.
Sofia Lopez
Wallis Forsythe is a pornography mogul who meets Christian at a party and agrees to send some business his way. Merrill Bobolit is a hack surgeon who's more successful than Sean and Christian because of his willingness to take on any client. Both team up for Sean and Christian's practice for Forsythe's easy money and Bobolit's sleazy competition to inject a dose of conflict into Sean and Christian's partnership.
Kurt Dempsey
An ex-lover returns and leads Christian to a sexaholics meeting while Sean and Julia deal with an unexpected pregnancy.
Megan O'Hara
Someone is vandalizing Christian's possessions, and he attempts to find the culprit. A chemotherapy patient who is considering breast implants brings excitement to Sean's life, and Matt finds himself in a threesome with Vanessa and Ridley.
Cliff Mantegna
Christian's difficulties with Kristin are exacerbated when his feelings for Julia are revealed. Jude is hired as an intern, to sexy and disastrous results. Matt is caught mid-threesome by Julia.

Cara Fitzgerald

Matt and his Jewish schoolmate enjoy training him how to live as devout Jew without truly believing and use heroine, but accidentally hit a 16-year old girl which was tying her shoelaces and just stood up unnoticed while Matt was driving. They thought it was just an animal and left, but Sean reads in the paper about the Cara Fitzgerald case. Miss Devon Greco wants her nose changed because it reminds her of her abusive real father, Christian refuses the case as unrealistic expectations. Michael Shannon insists Dr. Troy (literally) handles the embarrassing birthmark-removal from his ball-sack 'in time for his expensive honeymoon' within two weeks. The boys learn Cara is a model student; Matt visits her in hospital, as coma patient, where he meets her mother Kate, pretending to be a member of the prayer club she founded and learns her family are Christian Scientists, hence refuse drugs. Seans lover Megan O'Hara insists on breast implants after cancer and a divorce. Psychiatrist Grace Santiago's indiscretion makes both partners want to fire her, and find out about each-others unprofessional relationships. Matt tells Sean only that he cares for Cara ands asks him to do her plastic surgery. Christian is shocked to hear on TV his 'about to marry' patient Michael Shannon is a Catholic priest who just escaped trial for sexual abuse of several young boys and realizes they helped the monster hiding his intimate identity. Henry wants to confess for religious reasons, Sean tries to convince Cara's mother not to refuse 'sinfully unnatural' plastic surgery and gets a court order so he and Troy can do an urgent operation to save her eyesight. Christian changes his mind about florist Devon Greco who admits she lacked the courage to press charges till her abusive father became terminal. Seeing father Shannon still seems to crave boys Christian goes to confession with him for the first time in 22 years, only to insist he confesses to the police under threat of scalpel and photos- it works. Now he tells Sean about his own abusive foster father Mr. Troy who bribed him to 'sell his body' as a boy.
Sofia Lopez: Part 2
However hard sexy Kimber Henry tries to please Dr. Christian Troy, she's not the unborn woman who can hold on to his lust, let alone love, while Dr. Merril Bobolit has no hotter dream then a girl that beautiful and dumb, so they plan to 'trade' her for his Lamborghini and do a good job breaking him and her up, only even she can't love buffoon Merril for his money. Sean still has a hot affair with Megan O'Hara, but promises to dump her after accidentally confessing to Matt, thinking to be caught while the boy actually came to discuss whether Gods omniscience is enough reason to confess about Cara. Julia is made to believe by their jealous fellow college med-student Suzanne that her lover Jude, also her personal trainer, only does that work to find clients as call-boy; when she tells him to confess, he comes clean his British accent is fake, but she doesn't believe that's his only pretense. Patient Sophia Lopez is preparing for his/her final trans-sexuality operation, but the supportive lesbian nurse Linda confuses him so much in the last night before that he decides at the last minute to cancel the surgery till further notice. Kimber turns up at Christians place offering to have sex, apparently flattered she was traded for such an expensive sports car, but once she has him in cuffs...
Adelle Coffin
Sean is shocked Christian, who operates a patient with hospital phobia whose fingers got severed, switched middle- and index finger and didn't even admit it when Liz pointed the error out; Christian now completely loses his professional self-respect. Megan's doctor warns her the benefits of treatments no longer outweigh the contras; tired of fighting she decides after throwing up in a fancy restaurant she wants euthanasia. Sumner Charles asks a scrotum lift, his fiancée Mrs. Grubman a vaginal rejuvenation, and demands both under her free deal but Sean must do her. Both surgeons and Merril Bobolit must take an official 10-yearly test, on cadaver heads; Troy fears he'll fail because his, an old lady, is too small, so Sean suggests he practices- hearing about a similar woman's recent accident, he goes to the morgue for the Jane Doe- the night clerk allows it in exchange for a chin job. Sean imagines his cadaver head starts talking to him about Megan and Julia, which convinces him to help Megan commit suicide pain-free by OD, but then guilt ruins his concentration so he walks out at the exam: fighter Christian passes, he the perfectionist fails. After Megans memorial service, Sean confirms Julias suspicions they had an affair- she says she couldn't actually commit her intended infidelity, and is too heart-broken to take him back.
Patience Miss Montana Caine?Keane wants her 'tankls' fixed, a contraction for 'tank-ankles', alias piano legs or suspension bridges, and her visible veins. Her irrational tantrums while being prepared for the OR lead to consultation of her shrink Dr. Reed, who explains she had over 20 personalities, of which only Montana and Sassy, the gate-keeper who controls the appearance of all others, remain 'in harmony'. Grace Santiago is angry not to have been consulted earlier, Sean reminds her she has no equal position, and neither he nor Dr. Troy had feelings for her while having sex. When she tells Montana operating is only the last option, Sassy attacks her and an aggressive third personality reappears, Justice, who threatens to raise numerous 'us'. Christian gets a visits from his nymphomaniac ex Gina Russo, who announces she's pregnant- from him; she demands his support, threatening with an abortion otherwise after a week; at AA he accepts to pay, but is a day late, so she calls him heartless and an unfit father, apparently having had an abortion. Christian gets paternal, even complaining Sean, who must morn Megan in silence now Julia and Matt know, didn't invite him to his godchild Annie's eight birthday party; he brings Julia a present for Annie, a caged bird; Julia considers shutting him out altogether, while doubting if she wants to stay with Sean, who must wait for his venereal tests; he's negative, but she still can't bear his intimate touch. Matt meets Cara, recovered with some scars, who explains she has almost total amnesia and invites him to her next prayer group meeting; only he and his Jewish-born mate Henry turn up, who announces he doubts his Jewish faith and intends to ask Cara for the prom, but she asks Matt. Julia returns the bird to Christian because it doesn't fit in with Annie's present pet Frisky and asks him about Megan; she steals his hairbrush for a DNA test without telling him about is, and brings it and Sean's razor the lab, which announces a margin of error just under 1%. At a new visit, Russo tells Christian she's not aborted - they intend to come to 'realistic' terms. Henry is hyper-stressed, confused and preparing to tells Cara the truth, to Matt's horror. Julia comes tell Christian the test result, but Gina is still there and blurts out her arrangement, so she doesn't tell him, yet hopes he'll be a good father ...

Antonia Ramos

The plastic surgeons operate a Latino woman with bad breast implants, but find out these are just a customs deception devised to turn would-be immigrants into couriers by their spooky acquaintance, Colombian drug baron Eduardo Escobar, who forces them to 'harvest' more of those cocaine packages, in addition to paying him a fortune they can't raise so fast, even selling precious assets. At the same time nymphomaniac Gina Russo bleeds Christian financially and emotionally in the name for her/their baby. Meanwhile Julia is the only member of her Pilates class that doesn't blackball Sophia, the transsexual.
Escobar Gallardo
The surgeons are still forced to harvest drugs from breast implants for Colombian cartel monster Escobar Gallardo. Christian gets a cold reception from bride Kimber when he visits Dr. Merril Bobolit's place to demand he retracts an advert showing her, Troy's masterpiece, off as his work. Julia coaches mother-to-be Gina and defends Christian's father potential. Mr. Parks wants tail hair of his show dog transplanted to Sir Winston's head; $150,000 is more then they can afford to refuse, yet Sean's ethical objections prevail- Merril gets the patient but kills him. Julia offers Sean her wedding ring for sale even though their marriage will never be fine again. Gina gets Christian to have sex with her to speed up her painful pregnancy; shortly after he delivers her, but gets a rude shock: the baby is colored, yet he still considers him his son. Escobar demands the docs help him branch out to organ harvesting; when Sean refuses, he shoots nurse Liz in the leg. Sean buys a gun, but is unable to shoot Escobar, who offers him one way out: operate him a whole new identity. Mr. Parks' damage lawsuit puts Bobolit out of business, the partners back on the map. Escobar is surgically transformed into Mr. Armand Otiz; four months later he finds out the face is that of a real wanted criminal, Jorge Barco, when the FBI arrests him.

Nip/Tuck Season Two

Erica Noughton
Julia McNamara gets a surprise visit from her glamorous mother, successful child psychology author Dr. Erica Noughton, who has various reasons to want plastic surgery and insists that Sean should operate her; that even worsens his worries about an unsteady hand, and the specialist tells him it's a fashionable psychosomatic condition without a medical cure. Christian wrestles with his instincts- while resenting Gina Russo emotionally blackmailing him with her halfbreed baby, he is determined to become a good father, but swears to keep his mundane (sex-)life, so he looks for a nanny and hires Linda, the candidate with the sexiest 'fringe-benefits', but finds she's neglecting the child... Meanwhile the doctors operate on Libby Zucker, whose face is so horrible she'll need at least five major, risky operations and is most uncertain in her 'steady' relationship with attractive Chad Myers who she knows to have affairs.
Christian Troy
Christian was enjoying sex with a young model, but an allergy caused her to sneeze so her butt crushing down broke the Casanova's killer face's nose, which must be operated. Sean hoped his anxiety was over after mother in law Erica Noughton's operation, but it suddenly returns during pro bono surgery on Mr. Unger, who nearly gets butchered. Matt is interrogated after the police arrested his mate Henry in the Cara case; he denies to know anything. After a visit from Henry's shocked father, Sean suspects the truth, but Matt still denies any part in the car hit. In Dr. Monica Jordan's waiting room, Christian meets adolescent patient Calvin Murray, who says his third nipple prevents any sex life, agrees a male doctor is less embarrassing, and is eager for the gorgeous girls in Dr. Troy's waiting room. When Sean finds out Christian booked another surgeon and attacks him, he gets reminded of his list of grave errors and looses confidence again, handing the scalpel to Christian for the nipple job. Erica explains to Julia how parents, unable to accept their own failing, unconsciously transfer their ambition to their children, who thus come under excessive stress, which probably caused Matt and Henry to go overboard. Then Sean tells her his nervous disaster. Christian cheerfully stripped for Dr. Jordan who was to check him for melanoma, but was told his love handles need preventive action at age 40; to re-boost his self-confidence, he demands his next 'ride' to call him sexy, but even Gina finds that too weird and tells him he's becoming as ugly outside as inside. Henry tells Matt at a prison visit the incessant pressure was what got to him, he snatched when Cara rejected him and now fears to be raped in jail. Frustrated he operates on his own nose in front of the mirror- now he realizes and Sean sees what a shaky second can do to a surgeon; terrified Sean must fix the face of their common future, without general anesthetic so the patient can verbally assist and boost his confidence, which works.
Manya Mabika
Manya Mabika, a Somalian model, wants the surgeons to give her an orgasm by reverting her traditional female circumcision as a girl, even if the experimental technique for an artificial clitoris is highly unreliable. Macho Christian proves a far better 'parent' for Wilbur then his nymphomaniac mother Gina; when he refuses to have a baby with her, she uses Wilbur as blackmail leverage. Sean and Julia have good sex, but he cannot accept she doesn't get an orgasm. Patient Elias Perri has absolutely no body-hair, and is pushed by his life-coach, Ava Moore, to try a donor-hair transplant to erogenous zones. Sean makes an appointment for Julia with Ava, who gets into a row on the value of therapy with Julia's mother, Dr. Erica Noughton. Once she has her fake clitoris, Maniya asks Dr. Troy to be her 'true healer' in bed- when she gets no orgasm, he insists with Sean to revise her clitoris, but all it really takes is a lesson in female self-pleasing by Liz. Christian is shocked to find Gina has Sexaholics lined up for 'hetero-insemination' to give Wilbur a sibling.
Mrs. Grubman
As Julia and Sean's daughter, Annie, faces puberty, they must both face the harsh realization of maturity and deal with their own issues about getting older. When Gina tells Christian he can no longer be involved in Wilbur's life, Christian is forced to reach out to an old flame in order to build a case to gain sole custody of Wilbur.
Joel Gideon
Now both biological parents have teamed up to demand the court full and exclusive custody over 'his' baby, Christian Troy is ready to throw in the towel- but for once worst-mother-ever Gina Russo motivates him positively, so they still engage the probably hopeless legal fight. While holding and talking on his cell phone while he is driving at the same time, Sean McNamara causes a serious car accident, but without serious harm, except that his attitude towards life is shocked. He now wants to taste life to the full, and first accepts an offer to earn a luxury car by advising crash dummy tests with a corps; next he seeks adventure, but when he goes as far as to encourage Matt, who shows still to love him as his daddy, to eat a potentially lethal sushi in a Japanese restaurant, Julia walks out with his offspring. Joel Gideon is a patient whose love of danger in mountain-climbing caused him to get such bad frost bite that a facial zone including his nose is now dead tissue, and is determined to return to the same mountain after his reconstructive surgery.

Bobbi Broderick

Roberta 'Bobbi' Broderick, a ripe lady, wants plastic surgery to compete with younger women for her dream job, selling clothes. Julia sends Matt for therapy to life coach Ava Moore, but she abuses trust games to seduce the teenager; uncle Christian must bail him out after jerking off outside her window; she won't be told off, threatens to disclose he's the biological father and demands free botox. Allegra Calderello has her burned lips replaced by skin from the homonymous part of her vagina, provided her old-fashioned Sicilian husband thinks it's from another organ.
Naomi Gaines
Dissatisfied ex-liposuction-patient Bobbi Broderick scares others away even right in the doctors's waiting room, demanding a public admission on TV, or she'll sue them. Life coach Ava Moore 'professionally motivates' Matt between the sheets, to the anger of her own, allegedly jealous, also 16-year old son Adrian, who she regrets not to have aborted. Sean and Julia are not amused when Matt sets off the brand new alarm, sneaking in at night after 'studying together with Adrian' they didn't even know existed. Serial raper-mutilator 'the Carver' sends the doctors both patients, now model Naomi Gaines, and scary packages. Christian decides to offer his alternative pro-bono story to bitch Bobbi's journalist, Andrea Hall, who happily lands in his bed before she even knows his professionally relevant name and succeeds. When the McNamaras invite the Moores for dinner, Adrian sort of hints at the truth and kisses startled Matt in the kitchen, then blurts it out after Ava lies never to have denied him anything; Julia throws the child-rapist out. Bobbi now promises a class-action law-suit, but after Naomi sides with the doctors admits she herself did everything wrong, even missed her job interview on purpose. When Matt goes break up with Ava, she tells him about Julia's infidelity; finding ma searching his room 'you'll have to earn your privacy now' he makes her confess Christian sired him, but when Sean walks in doesn't tell but falls in daddy's arms after confessing his just ended relationship with Ava.
Agatha Ripp
The doctors accept to operate pro bono the whore Agatha Ripp, who claims her greatest sin was to have inflicted stigmata to herself and asks them to convince St. Olav shelter and the parish they are fake. The surgeons must reassure pregnant Liz and Julia, who even gets psychosomatic shingles. When the news lands them with a baby's congenital caudal appendix, also pro bono, Sean fails to convince the archdiocese's Father Maley Agatha can't have miraculous stigmata. While still recovering from the operation, Agatha gets unexplained new ones, now claiming they're real but she doesn't want them and the blood is not hers. When Julia tells him Christian is Matt's father, Sean is shattered, furious, throws her out and attacks his partner. Liz also has shattering news for Christian.

Then Agatha Rose and Raven Rosenberg
After finding out Christian and Julia are Matt's biological parents, Sean is hell-bent to dissolve his partnerships with both, despite professional advice it would be utter disaster for the surgery. Matt and Sean remain tight as son and dad. The doctors still fly together for what is now likely to be their last case, a historical pro bono multi-disciplinary operation: the oldest Siamese twins ever separated, teenage sisters Rose and Raven Rosenberg, who are joined at the forehead. Neither dreamed of being alone, but it's necessary to give one sister chemotherapy. Having to share a dorm room makes the partners reminisce their past and complementarity. Julia's "I gave everything up for you" routine has lost all effect on Matt, who feels no connection with her and even returns to Ava, so she calls the 'fathers', but neither wants to make sonny study hard now. The operation kills Raven, Rose seems to have lost the will to live and dies too. Sean hits the Scotch and pays prostitute Renée for a threesome with 'Julia' and Christian, the one thing they never quite shared. Only now, mother Rosenberg admits neither girl wanted to survive alone; the sisters are re-joined posthumously. The sole survivor is- the surgeons' partnership, Sean has come to his senses.
Kimber Henry
Ike Connors is a unique client: he is an author who writes books about extreme experiences, and his newest book contract is for the experience of having breasts, which the plastic surgeons must create, just like his wife's, whose mastectomy made them aware how important boobs are for the female (self-) image. Sean is ready to continue working with Christian as they need each-other business-wise, but won't consider forgiving or understanding Julia to any degree, so he doesn't want her to disturb daughter Annie's routine. Christian's ex, actress Kimber Henry, has finally become a porno starlet and consults the doctors to correct the vagina on a sex doll after her image which should be a financial goldmine; Sean takes the prototype home and has sex with both the silicon - and the natural versions. After his operation was a success, Ike changes his mind because of the pain and as it feels lesbian, to his wife's fury. Julia picks up a non-local businessman Roger in a bar, but he is a masochist who took her for a hooker; now Sean rescues her but returns straight to Kimber's doll.
Natasha Charles
Natasha Charles is an unusual patient- her whole body is attractive, but since birth her eyes are blind, covered with a 'scary' white-blue membrane, as Christian puts it when she asks him to make her attractive to him, so the doctors operate to implant artificial eyes from an expert. Afterward Christian follows her when he hears she has an Internet date, finds out that's a blind man who still asks him whether she's attractive and even dumps her when he lies she's much older; so he's happy to fill in and enjoys sex with a woman who can't be after his gorgeous body. Meanwhile Sean remains merciless on Julia, who has her breasts enlarged by a female surgeon and gets unwanted visitors- lice on Annie's head from some classmate and her own mother Erica, who tries in vain to make Sean and Christian do an intervention with Julia and rushes off again to another lecture; when Sean is unmoved by her improved balcony she overdoes her painkillers and has a bad fall trough a glass wall...
Julia McNamara
Now Julia McNamara has crashed trough a glass wall after having OD'ed out of frustration with her shattered family since Sean knows Matt isn't his biological son, she is dreaming an alternative reality, where just about everything is different and everyone plays an amended part, e.g. Christian Troy is a loyal husband- and still it is far from perfect for her.
Oona Wentworth
Christian and Sean discover a maid's horribly mutilated forehead is the result of the systematical sale of 'Bobotox', a scandalous 'cheap Botox', by their former associate Dr. Merril Bobolit, who is now a drug addict; Christian gets him into addicts anonymous, where he falls in love but is rejected as a loser. Matt sees how Adrian Moore helps himself to lots of opiates from his mother Ava's stock, to sell to school kids, hiding it in his jacket; the boys fight, and the bitter old lady principal won't budge for Ava's threats or Christian's offer to donate to the school, but accepts plastic surgery. Shortly after, Adrian urinates in a soap dispenser at school just before Matt will use it, but innocent school mate Trevor Hayes suffers the same fate- his parents demand punishment, and since Matt doesn't rat, Sean, who has claimed his parental role back from Christian, makes him come straight from school to his office 'for meaningless chores'. Ava punishes Adrian by giving all his clothes to her Salvadorian new toy-boy, Alfonso Tehon Jr. Now Bobolit and his lay partner, a massage parlor owner gone bust, even operate, but the patient dies; they plan to dispose of the cut-up corpse; Christian accidentally finds out and is knocked out and strapped down, about to have his face 'stolen' by the madman, who fortunately passes out trying to operate on himself simultaneously. Matt uses his surgery chores to make up with Sean. Adrian and Ava make up and pass straight to incestuous kissing.
Trudy Nye
Because of the loud music Christian's blind girl friend Natasha Charles notices nothing when two brats first moon her and then steal half of his sports car while she's waiting in it for him to return from the video store. Ava Moore continues to exasperate Adrian. Kimber Henry believes a palm reader that prolonging her hand lines can improve her faith and is angrily embarrassed when Julia and her date Kevin Hodgekiss greet Sean and her in the restaurant where the then couple celebrated Valentines day last year; in bed Sean promises her the absurd operation. Trudy Nye has the doctors repair her nose, broken 13 years ago by her about to be released from jail abusive husband Stan, who semi-accidentally killed their five-year old son Tyler for leaving toys all over the house; when the reconciled couple returns to have his face made unrecognizable, Christian refuses any form of complicity. Christian stands in for Sean to operate Kimber, and gets her to have sex there, so Sean can walk in on them end break up with her as he wanted. When Sean and Julia confront Ava about her incest while doing it with Matt, she says Adrian was given up for adoption because of a mental handicap; he runs away. Christian dumps Natasha after she forgave him 'too nobly' for fucking Kimber. Trudy returns to have her newly broken nose fixed, pregnant but denying Stans guilt.
Sean McNamara
Christians hedonistic world comes crashing down when his crazy sex-addicted ex Gina calls him because she has tested positive for HIV, so he fears to be positive too. After confiding into Sean, he gathers the courage to inform his numerous sexual contacts who need to be tested too, including baby Wilbur and his father. Kimber is surprisingly understanding, even tells him he won't be alone and abandoned by everyone. Sean is attacked by a masked unknown, drugged and slashed in the face. Julia helps nurse him but stays with Kevin. It's probably the doing of the madman who attacked a girl at Matts school, and her parents asks him to help personally, which doubtlessly would arouse his utter anger; yet he operates her. Christian visits Gina in a crappy clinic, and finds she's not on the necessary cocktail, lacking health insurance; he can now tell her to have tested negative himself.

Joan Rivers
Joan Alexandra Molinsky asks the surgeons to undo all the plastic surgery she ever had as actress Joan Rivers, being ashamed she started the fashion of plastic surgery, especially to her lovely loving grandson Cooper, and pointing out it's a superb publicity stunt for her and the surgery firm. Ava says even besides Matt in bed, she'll never be happy again as long as people judge her; he proposes to start again in Paris and promises her anti-depression drugs- Christian surprises him stealing and sees trough his pretense it's for him; when he confronts her, she dares him into sexual power play, but he suddenly walks out during a fuck and tells Sean Ava is a male transsexual, which explains his shopping list for Matt who risks irreparable psychological damage if he finds out. The serial slasher's victims seem butchered even worse; it gives Sean nightmare hallucinations, as if talking to Colombian drug mafioso Escobar Gallardo who says he must kill the slasher, so he gets a better security firm. Adrian buys a gutting knife. The surgeons fly to Cara Nelson in Baltimore, searching the only surgeon who could have done a perfect sex change on Ava 17 years ago, pretending she's their patient, and learn her file was passed on to a colleague, retired Dr. Barett Moore, who now breads orchids and tells them Avery Tanner was a pretty gay boy who actually lusted him enough to choose a sex change, but the following marriage was a lie despite Adrian's birth. Julia tries threatening Ava to back off, and learns her price is the finishing touch-vaginal operation, which the doctors give her- with Barett, to her delighted surprise. Afterwards she tells Matt he's a hopeless boy needing a mother and refuses to go to Paris with him. Joan doesn't even like the idea of seeing what her inverse operations idea would make her look like, the computer simulation makes her change her mind- to another face-lift. While Ava is packing to leave alone, Adrian turns up; she fails talking and kissing him into joining her to Paris: being lied to too often, he stabs- himself to death. Matt is welcomed back home, Sean sleeps with a loaded revolver in hand, but the slasher surprises Christian...